After the summer price rally above the $ 2,000 mark, the price of gold has noticeably cooled, but the situation may change at any time if conditions are created for further growth. This opinion was voiced by Nick Barysheff, President of BMG Group.
Published: 2020.10.21.
Kitco News interviewed precious metals analyst Jesse Felder, during which they discussed the continued rise in gold prices. In his opinion, the yellow precious metal is still very much undervalued by investors compared to other assets.
Published: 2020.10.19.
The current volatility in financial markets is causing the price of gold to be unable to surpass the $ 2,000 per ounce mark. So says George Giro, director of RBC Wealth Management.
Published: 2020.10.15.
On Sunday, as resistance to a broader package mounted, the Trump administration called on Congress to pass a stripped-down COVID-19 relief bill to be funded by an expired small business loan program.
Published: 2020.10.12.
Analyst John LaForge of the US bank Wells Fargo believes that the recent decline in the price of gold is an excellent opportunity to increase its investments in the yellow precious metal. In his opinion, until 2021 the price of gold will show another sign
Published: 2020.10.07. analyst Clem Chambers spoke in a recent interview with Kitco News about the situation in the gold and stock markets and what he thinks about it.
Published: 2020.10.05.
The demand for shares of "gold" commodity and ETF-funds shows a significant increase in 2020. However, investors should always keep in mind that this type of investment has some risk compared to owning a physical precious metal.
Published: 2020.10.01.
After a decline in the value of the yellow precious metal by $ 100 last week, the gold market is showing signs of recovery again. This opinion is shared by analysts at the German Commerzbank, whose review is quoted by Kitco News.
Published: 2020.09.30.
The representative of the World Gold Council spoke in a recent interview about the strategic outlook for the yellow precious metal and new trends in the gold market.
Published: 2020.09.28.
Analyst firm Stansberry Research interviewed Canadian investor and billionaire Frank Gistr in which they discussed current central bank monetary policies, the trade war and the role of precious metals.
Published: 2020.09.26.