Published: 2020.10.15. RBC: the rise of gold to $ 2000 is delayed

RBC: the rise of gold to $ 2000 is delayed - Preview

According to him, the current trading area for the yellow precious metal at around $ 1,900 per ounce means continued volatility. Therefore, investors should not expect to overcome the $ 2,000 level in the near future.
However, he assumes that a strong rise in gold prices may occur towards the end of this 2020. A positive factor for the gold market will be a further inflow of capital into shares of "gold" ETF-funds or the news of the termination of testing a vaccine against coronavirus.
There are still some factors of destabilization in the world that have not yet been eliminated. These include the US-China trade conflict, the slow global recovery, talk of continued quantitative stimulus, virus tensions, North Korea, the Middle East, Turkey, Venezuela and Argentina. These destabilizing factors are enough to continue to increase their investments in the yellow precious metal.