Published: 2020.10.05. Investors will go into "cash" - the collapse of the markets. What to do?

Investors will go into

In his opinion, a few weeks before the US presidential elections, which will be held on November 3 of this 2020, a very large correction may occur in the financial markets. In this situation, investors will take profits and go into cash in order to sit out in them the uncertainty that may arise after the announcement of the election results.
It gives 70% of the fact that in the next few weeks, sales in the financial markets may begin. The correction can be 25%. In this regard, the expert warns investors against taking long positions, especially for stocks. If his forecast comes true, then the correction will affect all types of assets, including gold and cryptocurrencies. We could already observe something similar at the beginning of 2020. He advises dividing your investment portfolio as follows: 33% cash, 33% equity, 33% in gold and cryptocurrencies.
As for the spread of the coronavirus, the world economy has not yet fully experienced all the negative consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic. Moreover, unrestricted printing of fiat currencies by central banks will lead to higher inflation in the long run.
“Now there is a huge debt load in the world, and the governments of many countries of the world can no longer fill their budgets to fulfill social obligations. When politicians don't have enough money, they turn on the printing press. This will inevitably lead, at least, to inflation, and, possibly, to hyperinflation. This is just the beginning of this process, not the end, ”Chambers shared.